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Sunday, February 26, 2012

longwood gardens

We went to Longwood Gardens this weekend. It was so pretty and really fun. We love taking pictures. Ellie used her iPod and Grace used her camera.

We liked seeing all of the cool flowers. Some of them were really pretty, some were really cool and some were really weird!!

We liked the Venus Fly Traps. We wished we had a fly so we could watch the plants eat a fly. We saw it on Planet Earth, but not in real life.

We even got to plant some plants.

It was really really fun. We want to go back when it is warm out and we can see all the stuff outside. Then we can take lots more pictures. And make sure you bring more batteries, because our camera ran out.

disclosure: we got to visit the museum free, thanks to please check our mom's blog for full disclosure policy.

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