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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

academy of natural science

Today we had no school. (YIPEEEEEE) so we went to the Academy of Natural Science. Our brother calls it the dinosaur museum.
We like this museum a lot - it is kind of like a museum and a zoo, because it has a lot of live things you can see, too, which is really cool.
There wasn't a lot of people there, so it was like having our own museum. It was awesome, because the last time we went it was super crowded. We saw the dinosaurs first. They are a little scary because they have really big teeth. We're glad they are not alive anymore!! We were very brave:
Colin was giggling and screaming when the dinosaurs came behind us. It was so funny. We don't think he knows its just pretend!
Then we went upstairs and saw all kinds of animals. There was a real, real live shunk, but it didn't smell. We pet a lizard and turtles.

Then, we were the only ones in the whole place and we asked the lady if we could touch a bug! And she said okay! We were so so so scared. Mommy touched it first - so then we each decided to touch it. Then... it CLIMBED UP GRACE'S ARM!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! It was cool, but really gross. It was hard not to scream! Ellie thought it would jump on her head.

IT was so fun. We love museums.

Ellie says "MOOOOOOOO!!!"

disclosure: we got to visit the museum free, thanks to please check our mom's blog for full disclosure policy.

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