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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

face painting

Today we got our faces painted at a Disney party! Don't we look super cool????

Gracie: I was a butterfly princess! I had a crown with a jewel (The jewel fell off. It was green.) and a rainbow on my arm!

Ellie: I was a rainbow tiger - and I had a tiger CLAW on my arm! RAWRRRRR!!!!

we went to williamsburg

This weekend we went to Williamsburg. It is in Virginia - it was a long car ride away but it was really fun.
Gracie really liked Colonial Williamsburg. "I bought two bonnets and loved playing the stick and hoop game."
Gracie also really loved getting to hold the new baby chick at Yorktown's farm. "He was really really soft and made teeny tiny chirping noises, which was so so cute."
Ellie's favorite part was the Powhaton Indian Village at Jamestown. "We studied the Eastern Woodlands Indians in school this year, so seeing a real village was so cool. I even got to play the game where you throw corn arrows through a hoop that we read about in school."

We also went to Water Country USA and Busch Gardens. We really liked Busch Gardens - it was really really fun. The rides were so cool and we really loved seeing the animals. Ellie really likes wolves, so seeing the wolf show was neat.  The roller coaster was great - see how much we liked it? We're SCREAMMMMING!

Roller coasters are so fun because you get to scream AS LOUD AS YOU CAN. We're good at screaming!!!

We had such a fun time in Williamsburg and we can't wait to go back!!

For more information on travel to Williamsburg, visit

disclosure: we received complimentary admission to colonial williamsburg with our mom. as always, all opinions are ours, although usually slightly edited by our mom.