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Thursday, November 15, 2012

We Love Cuddleuppets!

We love our Cuddleuppets! And we love to sing the song and drive Mom crazy!  "Cuddle-Cuddle-CuddleUppets, Cuddle-Cuddle-CuddleUppets, blankets that are puppets, Cuddle-Cuddle-CuddleUppets!"
They are SO fun! We always bring them when we go on a trip so we have have puppet shows in the car or snuggle up when we get cold or sleepy. Ellie has a yellow dog, because she loves dogs and his name is Sunny.  Grace has a pink poodle because she loves pink. Colin has a purple monkey that got silly putty on it, but Mom washed it and it came off.

You can buy them for Christmas. Ellie wants a unicorn and Grace wants a ladybug. 

 disclosure: our mom received these items in a gift bag.