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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


On Sunday we got to go to see the Smurf Movie. And Katy Perry was there! She sings our favorite song. Its called Firework.

We saw her walk in the theater, and we waved at her. She was really pretty.

After the movie, we went to the bathroom and when we came out, Katy Perry was there! Mommy took our picture:
Katy was really really nice to us! I told her I really liked her Smurfette dress and she said she liked our dresses too!! She was Smurfette in the movie and she was so funny. Smurfette is our favorite Smurf because she is a girl and has long hair and is funny. We really liked the movie and had so much fun going to New York City!
Our favorite part was when the reporter asked us questions and we got to be on tv!


disclosure from our mom: we got tickets to the movie from suave kids. we were sent suave kids products and they sent us to the movie.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

vacation bible school


My mom is the craft leader. It is really fun having my mom as my teacher. I like the bead crafts the best. I really like crafts, so crafts are my favorite station at VBS.

Me and my mom working on backpacks to send to kids with a Bible in it. Coloring is so fun!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

trip to the farm

We went to a farm with our mom that makes Horizon Milk. Our grandma came too. It was really hot and there were lots of flies. So we drank lots of milk and water. But we really likes seeing the cows and animals. We saw cows, ducks, chickens, a cat, and a dog. There was a little baby cow who was so little that he had to eat out of a baby bottle!
Farmer Barry said that the cow was so new that he didn't like people very much and was afraid of them. But he let us pet him. We think that he liked us.
The girl in the pink is our friend Becca. She is super nice and fun to play with. We like to go to her house and ride bikes together.

We had lots of fun and we want to go back to the farm someday!

disclosure: our mom was provided with a gift card to cover gas and tolls, as well as lunch on the farm for our. as always, all opinions are my ours.

Friday, July 8, 2011

fashion friday with grace

I really like the Sharpay Collection at Target. I want Mom to buy me this sparkely shirt. I like it because it is from the new movie Sharpay and I really like High School Musical.
I also really like the new GapKids. Mom showed it to me and it is so cute. I love the skirt with ruffles. It looks like frosting on a cupcake. I love the ruffles because I really love ruffles. I like the ruffles going up and down. I don't have a ruffles skirt that does that.

I picked out this skirt at Old Navy when I went there to get flip-flops. I really like it and I wear it all the time. I think I will wear it tomorrow. I wear a white shirt and my silver flip-flops with it. It looks like its from India. And its twirly.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ocean city

Last week we went to Ocean City for family vacation.

We got hermit crabs! Mine is named July because it has an American flag shell. Gracie's is named Pearl. Colin's is named Crabby.

We found little crabs on the beach. We held one.
(This is Grace holding the crab.)
It was so cool.
This crab did not pinch and it tickled. The other crab we found kept pinching Daddy's thumb. He did not like that.
The pinchy crab kept trying to bury itself in the sand to hide. 



Monday, July 4, 2011

we love roller coasters

We went to Dorney Park with our family. We love to ride the roller coaster. It isn't very scary because its for kids. But its is still really fun.

This is the movie our dad took. Be careful. You might get sick!
(Gracie: Ellie is just kidding. You won't get sick.)
(Ellie: You might!!!)