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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


On Sunday we got to go to see the Smurf Movie. And Katy Perry was there! She sings our favorite song. Its called Firework.

We saw her walk in the theater, and we waved at her. She was really pretty.

After the movie, we went to the bathroom and when we came out, Katy Perry was there! Mommy took our picture:
Katy was really really nice to us! I told her I really liked her Smurfette dress and she said she liked our dresses too!! She was Smurfette in the movie and she was so funny. Smurfette is our favorite Smurf because she is a girl and has long hair and is funny. We really liked the movie and had so much fun going to New York City!
Our favorite part was when the reporter asked us questions and we got to be on tv!


disclosure from our mom: we got tickets to the movie from suave kids. we were sent suave kids products and they sent us to the movie.

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