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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

trip to the farm

We went to a farm with our mom that makes Horizon Milk. Our grandma came too. It was really hot and there were lots of flies. So we drank lots of milk and water. But we really likes seeing the cows and animals. We saw cows, ducks, chickens, a cat, and a dog. There was a little baby cow who was so little that he had to eat out of a baby bottle!
Farmer Barry said that the cow was so new that he didn't like people very much and was afraid of them. But he let us pet him. We think that he liked us.
The girl in the pink is our friend Becca. She is super nice and fun to play with. We like to go to her house and ride bikes together.

We had lots of fun and we want to go back to the farm someday!

disclosure: our mom was provided with a gift card to cover gas and tolls, as well as lunch on the farm for our. as always, all opinions are my ours.

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