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about us

Welcome to our blog! We're The GirlyGirls. Our mom is Girlymama and we wanted to start our own blog like her. We are sisters who live outside Philadelphia with our family. We have a mom, a dad and a little brother. He is silly, see?

We also have a bunny and three hermit crabs. And we wish we had a kitty. Or a puppy. Or BOTH!

I'm Ellie and I am 8 years old. I love animals, especially my bunny and my hermit crab. I like riding my bike, hiking, the beach, bird watching, peace signs, going camping and going places like the zoo and the aquarium (I told I love animals!). I also love playing soccer! My favorite team is the Philadelphia Union. My favorite color is green.

Hi! I'm Gracie. I am 6 years old. I love fashion, animals, reading, dolls, crafts (especially making jewelry!) and riding my bike. I take dance lessons and swimming lessons. My favorite movie is Felicity (The American Girl Movie). My favorite book is Knufflebunny.

To contact us, please write to our mom: {at}