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Friday, December 16, 2011

our kitties

We got cats for Christmas and we are so so happy. We were asking and asking and asking and asking for a pet and we were so surprised when Mom and Daddy said we could get one!

This is Shadow. She is tiny and black. She likes to get in trouble by climbing on the curtains and likes to pounce on things, like a puma. Her favorite things are playing with balls and snuggling with us.

This is Sadie. She is brown and black and white. She is a snuggle bug and has the loudest purr ever! (She is sitting in Ellie's lap.)

They really like the Christmas tree and keep patting the ornaments with their paws. They didn't knock it down, though. Colin did that with a baseball bat. Mom was not very happy and he got in trouble.

We LOOOOOOOVE having our kitties!!

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