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Monday, December 5, 2011

charlotte's web play

On Saturday we went to another play. We love plays. You should go to plays because they are so fun to watch and so much better than a movie.

We saw Charlotte's Web. It is such a good book - we read it with Mommy and Daddy over the summer. We love animals and Charlotte and Wilber are our favorites. Templeton is a little mean in the book, but in the play he was really silly. Once he came running in from behind our seats and we JUMPED we were so surprised!!

We won a blue ribbon before the play started by playing games.

We got our hands painted and got tattoos and ate popcorn and made crafts.

The play was so so so good. Wilber was really funny when he ate and made a mess. Our favorite part was when he won the metal at the fair and when Avery broke the stinky egg. It even smelled like a barn in the theater! (Not like stinky animals, but like wood and hay.)

We got to meet Charlotte too!

We really love this play and think that everyone should go see it too, because it is really good and funny.

disclosure: ellie and grace attended this play with their mom, who received tickets to this show from the arden theatre. we were not compensated for this post. as always, all opinions are our own.

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